Friday, 30 July 2010

Why do people call London a concrete jungle? With so many beautiful parks around us we are spoilt for choice!

I took my nine year old to a lovely park today, Golders Green Park after that we went to Hampstead Heath and just walked for hours, not without a quick visit to Kenwood House for a light lunch and a slice of victoria sponge cake.
It was a lovely day! The funny part of the day was watching my son roll down the lawn outside Kenwood House. The flowers were beautiful in Golders Green park, and the deers were well kept and nice to watch. The Golders Green coffee shop has great coffee and cakes, but as for it having the best ice-cream in the world I don't think so, my coconut ice cream was not nearly as good as the one I have at wagamamas,but my son did like his mango ice cream. Both parks were lovely with plenty to do. Tomorrow we shall go to the Hampstead Heath ponds and have a swim, and another long walk into the forest telling stories.

By Vivian

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