Friday, 23 July 2010

My Daughter and in my clothes! No WAY!!
Every now and then I have wondered what happened to an overnight bag with some of my designer clothes, At the time these were my favourite pieces and I wore them to impress, but eventually I changed my style and went for the more casual funky look , my daughter complained that I looked to reserved for my new neighbourhood I understood as I noticed that they tended to wear a more casual look , I actually felt better and more youthful in my new wardrobe which gradually changed over a period of time, I remember packing the clothes away thinking that some day I may wear them again and that was the last time I saw them.
The years went by and occasionally I wondered were id left them did I leave them in the basement I hoped not no way was I going down there with very little light and unwelcome visitors about (mice)!! Or would I be disturbing local teenagers, or worse still would I be sexually harassed by my then over eager neighbour, No I decided it wasn’t worth the bother, so I avoided asking my neighbour for the spare basement key.
It was only yesterday when I decided to clean out one of my cupboards, yes the one you dread most! Overflowing with stuff that you can’t throw away like your children’s school work that had being gathering over the last ten years and even longer, cassette tapes with memo ours, borrowed goods that you wanted to return but cant locate the owners, and toys that your child wants to keep, So there I was empting out the contents of the cupboard hoping to organise it better when I noticed a somewhat mouldy overnight bag , I don’t know why it was mouldy as the cupboard was dry, anyway I pulled it out and inside were some of my old designer clothes that had gone missing, Wow! How strange it was to see them again like old friends greeting me, it was a weird feeling and I wasn’t sure I liked it, that part of my life was over and some of it I wanted to forget! I suddenly noticed the padded shoulders not big pads but little ones like they have now, and thought I must show them to my twenty-two year old daughter, she is someone with expensive taste always like to wear the best and always works hard to make sure she gets the latest uggs, I don’t know why she makes such an effort as to me she’d look good in a bin bag. looking at the clothes she reluctantly took them to her room, about an hour later she came out dressed in one of the jackets and was very excited, she looked stunning!, my clothes fitted her beautifully! She noticed the quality and they looked vintage! She tried them on, and was so excited! I wore the jackets with smarts skirts she tried them on with jeans and they looked great! My daughter is a very generous young lady and I knew she wanted to give back in some way, I really didn’t want any thing, she disappeared into her room and after about an hour reappeared with a very familiar little top and asked if Id like to have it, I did not know whether to laugh or to cry, it was a top and id given her about ten years ago, it was a christmas gift, a Gap top but Id remembered that she’d never liked it but kept it out of consideration for me, I never realised she had kept it for that long and obviously forgotten the story behind it, probably found in the bottom of her own cupboard, I said id try it on and thanked her. Its a strange thing to me, My daughter liking my old clothes, I would never have worn my mothers, but then again she did have great bags and beautiful jewellery. Shame I never got to borrow them! Something you never did in my day! : )


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