Friday, 9 July 2010

My Daughter is LEAVING HOME

Ive just spent the last three days painting my daughter's flat! She is leaving home at the age of twenty four. Although she has left before to go to university this time it feels different.
She reached her twenty fourth birthday only a few days ago, how time flies. Ive watched her develop her skills, search for jobs, do volunteer work and it truly made me realise that the love and care for our children lasts a life time. Learning to let go is a journey in itself.
I’m blessed in that we have a good relationship and better still, don’t laugh, she has only moved around the corner. What’s interesting is that as a mother of five I realise I have to go through this with all of them so maybe this was to make it a little easier with one just living around the corner. Don’t get me wrong, I want them to leave, sometimes I even fantazise about the peace and quite less housework time for myself.., but when you have been a mother for twenty four years that role becomes a part of your life, at times I never want it to end.
Loving your children can be painful because you get used to them to the point where they become a part of you and when they leave it feels like a piece of you is missing, but thankfully it doesn't end that way. Life does go on, you still see each other only you’re no longer living together, at least not at present. You never know with young adults they come and they go and then leave again you get used to it after awhile! Its part of life and you just get on with it. Right time to pop over for a coffee! I hope shes in :)



  1. Hi Vivian met you briefly across the table at CyberMummy whish I looked as good as you at 43 maybe I should have had 2 more children to keep me fitter!

    Anyway as you lose your daughter to around the corner i am losing my 11 year son to his first secondary school my first real letting go.. think he will be hanging onto my apron strings even after the first bell has long gone. Great post made me realise that we are all following the same path. Emma x

  2. I do remember you Emma! and there is a very nice picture of you on display on the cyberMummy blog.And thank you for the compliment you look great yourself!
    I remember what it was like when four of my children started secondary school. With four children going one after the other I soon got used to it, I had my ups and downs. I hope your happy with your sons seconday school as that will make the difference.
    Glad you like my post! Vivian x

  3. Have just tweeted your URL address, so more people know about your lovely blog. x

  4. Thank you! I really appreciate that :) Vivian