Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Yesterday I went on a school trip to the seaside, Although It took nearly two hours to get there, and we only spent an hour and a half by the sea, it was well worth it! The children were so excited and although the journey was long they had fun chatting non stop, OK I admit on the way back two of the children were sick, but all in all it really was fun. Some parents felt disappointed that the trip was so far away and felt like it wasn't worth it, after all four hours traveling and only one hour to play, well I was there and they loved it. I think many schools get criticised for their trips unnecessarily, its a lot of hard work and the teachers don't complain when they return late, having worked longer hours, also I took note that the school organised the trip really well, it was actually the coach driver that had problems he seemed to be lost at one stage and took a good thirty minutes to find the parking place, that thirty minutes would have a made a big difference to play time! the parking area was was right in front of the seaside! how complicated was that I wondered! The teachers were patient knowing full well that they would get the blame for this delay, well I hope not. They were fantastic and so was the day!

By Vivian

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