Monday, 12 July 2010

Pass Kindness On

Especially in hard times, we need to remember how powerful one kind gesture can be. When people are losing faith in the economy and in trusted institutions, small acts of unanticipated kindness can help restore faith in the fundamental goodness of mankind.

I like to think of myself as someone who looks for the good in others. I must admit, however, that in the past few years, in a culture where individuals seem to be have become increasingly self-focused, I have gradually become more cynical about peoples’ willingness to reach out and help others but It’s amazing how one simple act of random kindness can create an ongoing ripple effect. We understand how these small acts can help those around us, but here are the reasons why reaching out to someone in need may also benefit you, personally:
•Doing so will help you, in the moment, to forget your own problems.
•You will be acting as a great role model for those around you, and especially for your children.
•You will feel better about yourself as a person.
•You will be helping, one deed at a time, to restore others’ faith in humanity.

This was written by Maud Purcell who is an American psychotherapist, as well as a trained Coach and Corporate Consultant. She is the owner of Maud Purcell & Associates Inc.

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