Saturday, 10 July 2010

Dressing up for an occasion

For the last few weeks I’ve been hunting for a suitable dress for a wedding I thought that this would be easy and fun, but unfortunately it ended up being very discouraging, I was on a budget so that didn’t help, but looking for a bargain is part of the fun so that was not an issue at first.
I decided that Oxford Circus was the place to go shopping and my first visit was to Miss Selfridge! yes don’t laugh I did learn a lesson, I picked out some lovely dresses only to find that they were too shot, too tight, not suitable at all! having said that it really depends on the individual not your age, I’ve never worn a mini in my life and don’t intend to start now, I’m more of a pencil skirt lady, non of that in miss Selfridge! lots of pretty tops! But not suitable for a wedding!
So off I went to the big stores John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Frazer, but I was terribly disappointed nearly all the dresses were the wrong colour or worse still really boring I can only describe them as box like dresses I have referred to these already in my “what to wear when you hit forty” post! Dresses to depress you! Is what I call them? Anyway I must have lost a few pounds running up and down Oxford Circus, Refusing to give up I was desperate! At this stage I was really worried. It took quite a few visits to oxford circus before I managed to find the right dress I was subject to the changing rooms with their awful mirrors! My mirrors at home don’t upset me like that so I seriously wondered why these stores had mirrors that we’re designed to make you wish you had stayed at home or exercised a lot more ! Why don’t they have mirrors’ to flatter! Anyway I got over it as you do! Finally I spotted a Ted Baker dress it was peach and pencil shaped perfect! I was afraid to try it on unless it looked awful it had no sleeves which bothered me, not happy to have bingo wings on display! Well it was lovely even with the bingo wings. Great now I have the dress next come the shoes, I never realised just how time consuming it is to dress up for a special occasion! It’s so much easier to dress up jeans and shorts! It is however a great way to get fit! Providing you don’t stop to have that coffee and cake!

By Vivian

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