Monday, 14 June 2010

Mother's Skills-pass them on

Mothers have an enormous amount of 'transferable skills'. This is a buzz word regularly used in the work place to describe those skill sets that you accumulate which you can take onto another job. What a wonderful idea but it doesn't have to be confined to the workplace. All mothers can participate in this 'transferable skills' idea. I know of a mother who is teaching her 6 year old to touch type because she worked as a secretary before having children. Another mother who works as a Doctor has passed on the importance of empathy, to always listen to people and be considerate in their listening. You dont' have to be a working mother to have skills? Think of all the organisational skills that you need just to get through a day. You have to time manage yourself to get done whatever it is that you need to do to fit everything in. Children, I know, have no concept of time but the seeds of time management can be sown even if you say things like 'we have 10 minutes to get dressed before going to the park'.
Skills are on the political agenda in the lead up to the election. Skills in this sense is being used to discuss educational qualifications and manual/labour skills but the invisible skills such as organisation, being tidy and not doddering are just as important.
What skills have you passed onto your child that you are proud off?

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